Christian Leaders for AfricaChristian Leaders for Africa (CLA) is a not-for-profit organization of people who share a vision for Africans training Africans in Africa. Formed in November, 2002, CLA is a partner with Africa International University (AIU) in Nairobi, Kenya. AIU is a Christian university that was previously known as the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST). The university will have three major schools of study, NEGST, the Institute for the Study of African Realities (ISAR), and the School for Professional Studies (SPS).

The board and staff of CLA seek to develop US support for ongoing programs at NEGST, including student scholarships, faculty support, the new doctoral initiatives and various capital projects.

Felicia Priest's Story

Felicia PriestFelicia Priest: Nigerian. Sexually assaulted by her step brother at 9 years old, Felicia left home and was in a number of different houses for several years until located with a more permanent family at the age of 13, where even there she still felt unloved and was mistreated. One day she noticed a change in her host family, and became curious as to what had prompted the change. Upon discovering some of their reading material she started to read a book she found called "Delivered from the clutches of Satan".

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How Your Donations Help

Henry's LetterI am writing to you from the campus of AIU-NEGST where preparations are under way for the schools’ 30th graduation. Graduates and enrolled students represent 16 different countries with significantly varied backgrounds. It is always exciting to see the awarding of the degrees, the happy faces, and the profound sense of accomplishment on the part of the families, villages, and friends who gather to celebrate this momentous occasion. While the academic life is ending for the graduates, it signals the start of another school year for many others, and is the kick off to our fundraising efforts to support scholarships for the next academic year. CLA and I are asking for your contribution to make this coming year as successful as the previous one. Please consider making your contribution now, as it will enable us to fund on schedule for the start of the semester in early September.

Your gifts have enabled many men and women to fulfill their dreams and go on to serve our Lord in numerous capacities. I thought you would enjoy a letter from one of our CLA sponsored students. Just as Henry has thanked you, please allow me to offer my personal thanks for considering a gift for next year.

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